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My son was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder 8 years ago at the age of 17. This is what we have learned over the years. Proper treatment is key to recovery. Not all therapists are created equal when it comes to treating OCD. Treatment for Obsessive Compulsive and other disorders on the spectrum such as BDD require treatment by a highly skilled therapist with specialized training. Robyn Stern is one of those therapists. Our paths crossed at a time when BDD was making a comeback in my son's life. He made his first appointment, via Skype, out of desperation not knowing what to expect. When that session was over his words to me were, "She's the best. She gets it!" After several months of regularly scheduled sessions and a lot of hard work Robyn has given him the tools necessary to deal with whatever BDD throws at him. He is back on track, working, and even traveling out of the country this summer. If OCD /BDD has control over your life know this, there is help and there is hope. You can get your life back and Robyn Stern can help you make that happen. I know because my son would not be where he is now, living the good life, without her help.  I can honestly say he has worked with no one better than she.

-Phyllis D-

You are truly an amazing person to dedicate your time and energy into helping those who struggle with BDD. It’s so comforting to know there people like you out there genuinely care.


-Jade G-

Robyn is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate professional with regard to OCD and BDD. She is never at a loss for words and for assisting with tools to help battle these disorders.


-Annie P-

Just want to thank Robyn for sharing her healing gift with me, along with much positive energy and support. I've been struggling greatly lately as I developed melasma (blotchy hyper pigmentation on my face) as a medication side effect. Robyn has helped me with tools to challenge my fears. I would encourage others to also seek professional help for this condition- and the sooner, the better. Robyn is great...thank you, Robyn.


-Jane M-

Your knowledge on the subject of BDD and the various treatments to manage the condition is second to none. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that your dedication in educating people on the condition of BDD is something that I will forever be grateful to you for. You are a champion of the disorder who fights through your knowledge and experience of the turmoil it can cause. A lot of us struggle with understanding body dysmorphic disorder and your wisdom on the subject and the correct steps to take in order to overcome it is an example that will light the way for others in your profession to learn from.


-Matthew P-

I developed severe BDD symptoms after experiencing an emotionally abusive situation.  The trauma manifested in a host of health problems and the pain of finding fault with various aspects of my appearance.  The preoccupation with my appearance and distress this caused were consuming my life, time, and spirit.

It is difficult to find a BDD specialist locally.  I was relieved to discover Robyn Stern, a therapist with personal experience managing BDD, able to provide services via Skype.  I found Robyn to be extremely compassionate, knowledgeable, and direct.  Her recommendations for the use of ACT and mindfulness therapy for coping with BDD were extremely effective.  I have tried cognitive behavioral therapy in the past with limited success.

Robyn understands the unique pain of BDD and the ways in which it severely impacts quality of life.  On my worst days, I was mirror checking for hours, incredibly depressed and anxious, and not functioning well.  Robyn supported me as a caring listener and with tools and coping skills for managing BDD.  I practiced the techniques and gradually made progress until I reached the point of no mirror checking on most days.  I also learned to recognize BDD thoughts and reduce ruminations with mindfulness.  I am functioning well again, and I am so thankful to Robyn for her amazing gift in helping others with this struggle.  I could not have managed this level of recovery on my own.

If you have BDD, I encourage you to contact Robyn for professional help.  It is important to respect the magnitude of this condition impacting your life and love yourself enough to get the help you need.

-Nancy D-

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