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Robyn L. Stern, LCSW

Remote Psychotherapy:

(AL, CA, CT,  DE, FL, NJ, NY and OH)


Fees and Insurance:

1. My services are private pay. Fees are due at the time of appointment. I am not contracted with any health insurance providers. I am considered an out of network provider.

2. I provide clients with a superbill that can be submitted to insurance companies for possible reimbursement. Clients must determine if they have out of network benefits, their annual deductible and what they may be reimbursed per session. Codes used are 90791 for initial consultation and 90834 for individual psychotherapy.


  One Time Consultation:

(75 min) $375

One Time Consultation:

(60 min) $300

Initial Psychotherapy Consult:

(60 min) $300

Psychotherapy: (50 min) $250

Phone check ins (existing clients):

(15 min) $75

Therapist Consultation:

(60 min) $300

*Due to HIPAA there will not be texting or email check ins.


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